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My name is Bree Jensen, and I am the founder of TSIF. We believe in people, organizations, and projects that make a change in the world. There are many ways to use our talents to serve our communities.

We know how important it is to have a social change culture in our organizations. Not everyone has an in-house social impact team. That’s where we come in. We would be happy to produce annual, quarterly, monthly, or ongoing projects for your organization. Reporting can feel overwhelming; we will develop and implement an input and output report on your behalf. Sustainability is a top goal for many; we can assess where to start and where to go for your organization. We will learn the needs and values and develop a unique strategy for your organization.

When I started as a social entrepreneur almost two decades ago, I had a difficult time finding like-minded professionals to work with who shared my values and could deliver excellent outcomes. That’s why I created the Social Impact Firm. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bree Jensen Soical Change

Bree Jensen


I want to share a few projects with you:

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Chapter 3

Community Garden Fundraising Project 

Our team worked with the low-income housing corporation to develop and reach a fundraising goal to create a community garden for their residents. Our team reached 60% of our target amount in 3 days and exceeded our overall goal.

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Fundacion Paraguaya | The Stoplight Method

The young adult community needs assessment and recommendations

Our team spent two weeks in the indigenous and non-indigenous communities in Paraguay, South America. We stayed with the students of the agricultural school. We developed a survey, then conducted focus groups in the communities with members from the ages of 13-30. After assessing the quantitative and qualitative data we presented our findings and recommendations to the foundation.

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Los Angeles Area School District

District Wide Sustainability Plan

Our team worked with the District to assess their current sustainability efforts at each elementary, middle, and high school campus. From food services to student life. We met with the school board, local sustainability experts, teachers, and parents to create an analysis of the culture. We then wrote and proposed a plan to the District and School Board that they plan to implement.

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