Workshop 1

Social Media & Digital Well-being for our Kids – Parent Course

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Do you know how your kid uses their device? From social media to online gaming and everything else our teens have at their fingertips, knowing what they're exposed to might surprise you. There are 75,000 predators online using social media communities to get to our kids. Teens are on their phones on average of 9 hrs per day and the suicide rate is up 60% since the beginning of smartphones. In this 1hr workshop, we will walk step by step through how to set up privacy setting and safety nets, break down the favorite apps and talk how to educate our kids to keep them emotionally healthy & safe from trolls, cyberbullying, FOMO, and cyber stranger danger.


Why is this important?

What we need to know

Digital well-being

Digital Boundaries

Monitoring tools

Social media & gaming overview

How to help our kids

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  1. Extensive list of Apps & what you need to know
  2. Social media & cyber safety health checklist
  3. Parent-child smartphone contract
  4. Springboard discussion questions

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Bonus Materials

Now What & Action Steps
Included with each section

How-to set up videos (tools, privacy, and safety nets)

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Workshop 2

Digital and Social Media Well-being- Student Online Workshop

Digital citizenship and well-being workshop for ages 10-17 to complete with their parents or guardians. How to stay safe and emotionally healthy online and on social media. Schools are also encouraged to use this virtual workshop in their classrooms.

We are the first generation of educators, parents, and kids living together in the digital world. There is often a disconnect between kids and parents when it comes to what goes on online. The primary goal is to bridge the gap between adults and kids through education and discussion.

Go at your own pace on-demand videos.

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  • Educational videos
  • Discussion questions
  • Thought-provoking exercises
  • Parent resources
  • School resources
  • How to’s
  • Adult springboard discussion questions


Families and Small Groups

We encourage students to complete this workshop with their parents or guardians.

Many youth organizations integrate this workshop into their wellbeing curriculum.


Schools and Organizations

The online student workshops can be included in any digital citizenship curriculum. Use the worksheets and suggested projects to encourage positive tech interaction.


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