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Are you creating something meaningful for the world and need support on your project? That’s where The Social Impact Firm comes in. We will have a conversation about your mission and vision, then create a plan that fits your needs.

We have a network of creatives, legal firms, financial officers, social media managers, event planners, political consultants, and even a wild animal tamer (okay, maybe not the last one) who do purpose-driven work.

Our purpose is to serve socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits who need creative solutions. We hope we can help you with your mission-focused project.

Please reach out for a free 20 min. conversation.

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  • Greater Los Angeles Area
    available for international travel

Available For

  • Consulting 
  • Coaching
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Social Impact Consulting
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Start-up Consulting 
  • Speaking  
  • Leadership Development 
  • Advocacy

Founder’s Education

  • Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology
    • Masters in Social Entrepreneurship and Change 
  • Cornell University
    • Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Trauma-Informed Trained
  • Certified Speaker 
  • Title IX Certified Advocate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a social entrepreneur?

A: Social entrepreneurs are focused on creating businesses or organizations that make a positive impact on the world.

Q: Do you work with nonprofits?

A: Absolutely! Bree has a background in working with some of the leading nonprofits in the US as a media relations manager and Speaker and would be happy to work with your organization.

Q: Where can I find some of the upcoming group topics?

A: Join our weekly newsletter or keep checking our workshop and groups page for updates on the topics that matter the most to you. If you have a topic that you would like to discuss, contact us or try a one-on-one coaching session with Bree.

Q: I am a teacher or a youth worker. How can I utilize The Social Impact Firm?

A: Bree was once a youth worker and now has nearly two decades experience training them. She would be happy to work with schools, educators, and students.

Q: How can Bree help me with my public speaking?

A: Kacee has over 17 years of experience consulting with nonprofits, speaking in front of large crowds (over 80,000 to date) in live settings, facilitating leadership training and management, running youth groups, coordinating conferences and camps, and more. She is also a speaker for Rachel’s Challenge, the leading school assembly program in the country, promoting kindness and compassion. She would love to talk with you.

Q: I need help with getting my business or organization out!

A: We can help develop and execute a social marketing campaign. A great way to get your social impact business out is through media. We can help you get in front of your target customer through guest blogs, media segments, podcasts, and more.

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